Wooden Plantation Shutters

biowood PLUS® Shutters are our entry-level shutter choice for the discerning homeowner. Built using a strong U-PVC frame combined with hardwood shutter panels, these provide a lightweight shutter that is cost-effective.
The panels are constructed from a mix of hardwoods which have been quarter-sawn to produce a linear grain. This makes them ideal for painting or staining and complements the single plain stile for a pleasing finish to the shutter.
The plain stile also contributes to the overall strength of the panel ensuring that it does not warp or twist over the years. This means that you can be certain that your biowood PLUS® Shutters will last for a lifetime.
biowood PLUS®


Limitless Design Possibilities Ensure Your Shutters Are Unique

biowood PLUS® Shutters can be made in your choice of six different colours together with a number of different louvre sizes. One big benefit is that it is possible to hinge four panels together which provides the answer to the problem of very large windows, the hardwood panels helping to keep down the overall weight and preventing warping or twisting.
The shutters can also be constructed using a range of different tilt rod options. The tilt rod is fixed to all the louvre panels enabling all to be opened and closed at the same time. Tilt rods can be in the centre of the shutter panel, offset to the left or right, and even incorporated into the stile and thus invisible from inside the room.



Master craftsmanship
  • Every shutter is built using centuries-old traditional skills combined with cutting-edge developments in timber and joinery.
Hand-selected premium hardwoods
  • Quarter-sawn timbers give a fine straight grain with outstanding long-term performance.
  • Uniform appearance with rich wood character in stains, smooth paint finishes.
Mortise and Tenon joints
  • The strongest joints used in any form of joinery.
Recessed magnets
  • No bulky bolt-on magnets to be seen.
Stainless steel fasteners
  • Resist corrosion
Heirloom furniture quality finish
  • Every shutter is hand sanded and painted or stained five times, giving a high lustre and translucent finish.
Prescription Wood Conditioning
  • Our specialists measure the humidity of the buildings into which shutters are to be installed, and the timbers to be used are then dried and cured to match each individual building.
  • This ensures the long-term integrity of every shutter.



biowood PLUS®




Choice of colours
  • 20 paint colors from which to select the perfect match for your home.
Choice of frame options
  • A choice of frame designs to complement your décor.
  • Our patented deco frame adds decorative moulding to plain windows, and installation fasteners are hidden.
Designer hinge colors
  • Coordinate with paints, stains and home hardware.
Louvers selection
  • 63mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm.
Hidden and offset tilt bar
  • Provides clear view and a streamlined appearance.
French door cut-outs
  • Customise French doors and permit different styles of doorknob.
Hand-carved top and bottom rails
  • Decorative carving adds a a unique touch to your shutter rails.
biowood PLUS®

Wooden Plantation Shutters

Everything about your biowood Plus® Plantation Shutters can be customised to your preference. Your choice of movement, colour, shape, hardware, and finish.

  • InvisibleTilt: Easily tilts a whole panel of louvres without a tilt rod. Provides tighter closure, a wider view, easy cleaning, and a more streamlined appearance.
  • Custom color match: Complement your room and windows with our custom colour match.
  • Wide panel capability: Provides fewer panels and a wider view.
  • Special shapes: Available including circles, arches, angles and French doors.
  • It is also our most eco timber as its grown to full height in only 8 years and harvested like wheat.
  • It is grown to make shutters thereby locking up carbon better than the Kyoto treaty does.