Lifetime Shutters & Windows has been in the window and shutter industry for over 12 years, and during that time has earned the accolade of becoming the leading shutter manufacturer in the UK. We use traditional working practices combined with the latest innovative techniques to bring you the finest shutters that you can obtain anywhere.
Our shutters add an air of elegance and grace to any window and will last for a lifetime.

Lifetime Shutters® – Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

Craftsmanship and attention to every tiny detail are our watchwords. We use premium hardwoods hand-selected by our buyer. Mortise and tenon joinery ensures the toughest joints possible. Prescription Wood Conditioning sees to it that your shutters are exactly right for the humidity levels of your home. Multiple-stage hand finishing together with quality checks at every stage, mean that your shutters will be the most outstanding ever.

Lifetime Shutters® are the finest available and are individually hand-crafted by our artisans. Premium basswood and other hardwoods from sustainable forests are hand-selected by our buyer. Prescription Wood Conditioning ensures that all the timbers used in our Sussex range are dried to match the humidity levels of your home, producing a length of life for your shutters that cannot be matched.
Every shutter is made using a combination of traditional skills handed down over the centuries together with the very latest up-to-the-minute innovations. Quality control checks are carried out at every stage of the manufacturing process.
Some of these processes are enduring traditions of furniture craftmanship, while others are special innovations designed to improve the long-term performance and appearance of our shutters.
Your shutters can be finished in any colour you choose to match the décor and ambience of your room, giving you the ultimate Lifetime Shutters® experience.

Lifetime Shutters® Will Increase The Value Of Your Home

The loving care that goes into the process of producing Lifetime Shutters® ensures that they will increase the value of your home. If you should ever choose to sell, prospective buyers will be captivated by the beauty of your shutters and the way in which they enhance the magic of your home. All the shutters by Lifetime Shutters® are backed by our lifetime limited warranty.

Lifetime Shutters® are crafted from quarter-sawn timber. Ordinary timbers are what is known as flat-sawn, that is the log is sawn through its’ length producing board after board. Quarter sawing involves cutting the log lengthwise into quarters, and then tipping each quarter up on to its’ point and cutting the logs lengthwise along the axis. The result is boards with straight striped lines of grain which have greater stability than flat-sawn timber.
This also results in boards with greater resistance to cupping, warping, shrinkage, and splitting. This type of timber is used in top quality stringed instruments, such as violins and cellos, which must keep the tone as similar as possible.
All Lifetime Shutters® go through a process of hand-sanding with ever finer types of sandpaper to provide the smoothest and most reliable surface. Every louvre and piece of timber that is used undergoes quality control checks at every stage of manufacture.
Each layer is coated with top quality stain or paint as the customer wishes. Certainly, the process is labour-intensive, but then you will receive shutters that will literally last you a lifetime.

The Latest Innovations That You Will Not Find Anywhere Else

We continuously adopt the latest innovations in timber and shutter technology to ensure that you get nothing less than outstanding value for money and the very best shutters that you will find anywhere.

Lifetime Shutters® is the only shutter manufacturer using Prescription Wood Conditioning. This process is exclusive to us.
Here is why it is important. All wood products – shutters included - are affected by shrinking or swelling depending on the humidity of the surrounding atmosphere.
Prescription Wood Conditioning involves one of our experts visiting your home and testing the relative humidity. The timbers that are to be used for your shutters are then dried so that they are exactly in line with the humidity of your home. It may sound a little complicated, and it is, but that’s our problem.
This ensures that your shutters will not warp or have unsightly gaps and will keep that “as new” look for the years to come.
Nobody goes to as much trouble as Lifetime Shutters to make certain that your new shutters will be trouble-free and – quite literally – last a lifetime.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

We want every customer to be confident that their shutters will be delivered and installed when we say they will, so delivery dates are strictly adhered to. Certainly, our unique Prescription Wood Conditioning service may mean that we take a week or two longer than a competitor to deliver and install your shutters, but we believe - and we think you do too – that is a small price to pay for ensuring that your shutters will last longer than any others.

Every possible shape of window is catered for with Lifetime Shutters®:
If you need your shutters to slide, we offer a unique track sliding system.
French door cut-out shutters permit handle and door knob access.
Individually designed frames allow for shutters to be constructed for any shape of window.